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Casablanca Sightseeing

Casablanca tour half day - 30 €

Come to discover the Moroccan economic capital ! In a few years Casablanca passed of little town in one of the biggest city of the world thanks to its new forms of modern architectural construction. Furthermore, it developed its industrial area and trading which becomes more open to the western lifestyle. Its localization (Atlantic Coast lined by magnificent beaches) makes of her an inescapable seaside destination. Casablanca, as the third tourist area of Morocco, is rich : discoveries and natural or cultural revelations with breathtaking landscapes, surprising lifestyles, the mixture between modern architecture and ancestral crafts. Visit one of the biggest and most beautiful mosques of the world : the mosque Hassan II, a real symbol of the city, is one of the only ones opened to the not Muslims. It is in a delirious atmosphere where you can party in the numerous bars, the restaurants and trendy nightclubs of the city. A little shopping? Take advantage of Morocco Mall, the biggest shopping mall of Africa. To end the visit with a flourish, discover both 28-storeyed Twin Towers: Twin Center Casablanca.


El Jadida tour 01 day - 40 €

El Jadida, formerly called Mazagan, is known for its remarkable "Portuguese City" registered on the UNESCO World Heritage site. The fortifications of the Portuguese city with their bastions and ramparts constitute a perfect example of the Portuguese military architecture of the Renaissance. Its beautiful beaches make of her a seasonal tourist destination. Consisted of two ports, the dynamic city turns to the horizon : a port reserved for the fishing, for the pleasure boats and for the water sports and the other one for the international trade.


Rabat tour 1 day - 25 €

With a coast of 60 kilometers where get involved rocky creeks and fine sand, Rabat is ideal for the hikes. As capital of the Kingdom, Rabat becomes a tourist leading destination thanks to a situation favored in border of the Atlantic Ocean, its history of an exceptional wealth which makes him benefit from a unique historical heritage which reflects the diversity of the inheritances. Indeed, a set of sites of Rabat is registered on the world heritage of the UNESCO as cultural property. Mixing history and modernity, Rabat fascinates with its modern construction designed in a new town planning. The installation of multinational companies makes of the capital an increasing business center. Rabat answers to all the tastes : discover the history of this rich city through the numerous historic sites which is there, relax you on its beautiful and long beaches or visit the city to admire its unique architecture.


Fez tour 01 day - 45 €

Known as being one of the most important imperial cities of Morocco, Fez is also the capital of the Moroccan traditional culture. Its symbol? Its wonderful medersas (schools in Arabic) makes of the city the cradle of the knowledge. The most known rest the Koranic Bou Inania school built in the middle of the 14th century. The lovers of history are going to adore this fortified city, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage. Be allowed transport in the Middle-Ages and live the history through architectures, buildings but also on the meeting of the population around a traditional glass of tea. Borrow the immense door of 1913 decorated with blue and green ceramic tiles, colors of the city, to reach Fez situated at the heart of the Medina. It is in the palace Bar Batah of the 19th century that took place the museum of the same name grouping the Arts and Traditions of the city.


Meknes & Volubilis tour 01 day - 50 €

Nowadays the town is calms, spreads and modern but Meknes was one of the most powerful cities of the Kingdom. Indeed, it was an immense Spanish-Moresque city of style made up of high leaky bulwarks of triumph gates testifying of the harmonious alliance between the Islamic and European styles in the 17th century. The historical heritage of the city is a part of monuments, sites and zones classified "national heritage" of Morocco. Its Medina and the vestiges of the royal palace cost in Meknes to be classified in the UNESCO world heritage. Registered on the UNESCO World Heritage, Volubilis was built a few years BC and was conquered in 1st century by the Roman which make it a real antique city. Today, the greatness and the frame of the site as well as the beauty of mosaics make of these most beautiful Roman ruins of the country.